Monday, March 4, 2013

Bila 3 Tahun

For the whole month boleh dikatakan tema kisah anak-anak.
Fikir pasal besday celebration, hadiah dan milestone anak-anak.

Awatif going to be 1 end of this month.
Kaseh just past the 3rd birthday last week.

Mungkin disebabkan peralihan tahun.
1 day before and on her birthday last Saturday, she seams like so tantrum.
Sooooo cari pasal to make me yell at her even do the rough thing to her.
At 1 point i think that "She already 3 now i need to be strict to her".
But after a while, "I think i did wrong".

With me now is a growing up human.
Awatif still consider as "Toys".
But Kaseh, a human being that growing and looking for way to what kind of human being that she going to be.

Now, she yell at me when she really what something.
i do so.

She talk "aku" "engkau" sometimes.
I do so.

She drink and walking
I do so

What else?
She is my mirror.

I'm not realize it is wrong until i saw Kaseh doing the same thing.

So besides talking about kids milestone, i should see myself first.

Wei.. really sad when i remember the chronology

Start from ignore my command, then "Kaseh Malas", and now finally she yell at me.
So sad.
Really sad.
Just 3 years old.

Kalau nenek dengar mati saya kena perli "Amboi pandainya anak awak bercakap"

And another thing, i always feel myself as a bad mom.
Not smart enough to take care of my kids.

Start today, i will always think that i am a great mom.
My kids going to love me.
I am going to be my kid's idol.

When they going up i want them to say "My mom is the best"
And my kids also going to be the great people.

So to be a great mom, i have to change.
Do more research on a good parenting.

Ini janji saya sempena bulan kelahiran anak-anak.
Kaseh 3 tahun dan Awatif 1 tahun.
I love you kids and i know that you love me too.

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Fizah said...

we learn from them how to be a good person indeed!..caiyok mama, you can do it!!